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Zuphi, Kyrik and Saida came across a deep, still lake. Being a water dragoness, Saida went for a paddle straight away.

"This is really nice."

"You think all water is nice. What's the difference?" Replied Kyrik, who was nowhere near as enamoured with water as she was. He poked a foreclaw into the water a few times, as if he thought it would suck him under just on principle.

"Well, it's flat and it's calm. You'd have to be an idiot to drown in this."

Kyrik said nothing and Saida laughed to herself. Zuphi, who had remained quiet until now, suddenly squealed happily.

"I know what we can do!"

Intrigued, Kyrik and Saida ceased their banter and moved from the water's edge to stand next to her. Taking a deep breath once they were clear, Zuphi breathed out a stream of icy energy towards the lake. It wasn't often that Zuphi used her powers, so the other two dragons watched in fascination as delicate patterns of ice spider-webbed across the water's surface. When she was done, the lake gleamed sparkling white in the afternoon sun and deep snow drifts had piled up against the shore on all sides.

"Come on! Come on!" Zuphi yelled gleefully, shoving and poking at Saida until she moved where she wanted her to.

Kyrik watched dubiously as the girls walked out onto the ice – which was more than thick enough to easily take their combined weight – Saida more than once nearly slipping on the unfamiliar surface.

"What about me?" He asked mournfully, when it became apparent that they weren't waiting for him.

"Hun, Saida is having hard time walking on this stuff. You wouldn't be able to take two steps!" She smiled sweetly at him, to assure him she meant no offense.

Kyrik shrugged. It was true, if he even tried walking on that stuff, he'd likely end up losing his teeth.

"But you can give us a push."

"...What?" Saida and Kyrik spoke at the same time, both not having a clue.

"Give us a push!" Zuphi said again, practically jumping up and down in place in excitement.


"Use your imagination!"

Kyrik pulled a face, but started to think on it. Saida and Zuphi were roughly ten metres away from the shore; way too far for him to reach out and simply push them. How the hell was he supposed to do this?

The answer soon came to him, and he almost smacked himself because it was so obvious. Grinning devilishly, he took up a ready stance.

"You guys ready?"

"Yes! Do it, do it!"

"...Do what?"

Saida glanced between her two friends, having no idea what they were up to. She watched Kyrik as he breathed deep and even a few times, looking like he was getting ready to do something. Her eyes widened comically when Kyrik took a deep, sharp breath and everything slotted quickly into place.

"Oh no, wait-!"

She didn't get to say more.

With a sound akin to a roaring tornado, Kyrik shot a blast of wind at the two girls who, with nothing to stop them, both went skidding at a prodigious rate across the lake. Zuphi whooped with delight as she zoomed across the ice on her feet like a pro, her frill whipping about due to her momentum. Saida was less graceful, spinning around in fast circles on her ass after she attempted to slow herself down with her wings but ended up just catching the wind and making it worse instead.

Maybe Kyrik over-estimated the size of the lake... maybe he did it on damned purpose. Noone would know and in the end, it was irrelevant.

The girls' ride came to a rather abrupt end. With the strange crunching splat that is unique to the 'good' kind of snow, both dragons disappeared into the snowdrift at the far end of the lake; sparkling flakes being flung in all directions.

Things were silent for a few minutes.

In a swirl of wind and snow, Kyrik landed next to where he'd seen the girls both disappear. He wasn't exactly worried, but they should have dug themselves out by now, surely?

He smirked again when he realised what had happened.

Zuphi was lying on her back, mostly covered in snow with only her head, neck and each individual foot visible. She was laughing... a lot.

"Where's Saida?" He asked, feeling obliged to at least check his friend was okay before he also started mercilessly laughing at how ridiculous she had just looked on the ice.

"I'm sitting on her."

"...You're sitting on her?"

Zuphi laughed again. "I am. And she's not happy about it."

If Kyrik listened carefully, he could actually hear Saida cussing up a storm somewhere under there. He didn't know about Zuphi, but he was quite content to keep Saida where she couldn't damage him for a little while longer. He laughed with Zuphi for a while, but eventually, a sense of self-preservation prompted him to help first Zuphi and then Saida dig out from the snow.

Saida moved away and brushed herself off as soon as she was free, a decidedly miffed expression on her face. When she finished, she looked at her friends to find them both stood together watching her; smiles splitting their faces.

"...What are you twats grinning at?"

"That was... graceful." Kyrik said.

"Shut up."

"Admit it. You loved it," chimed in Zuphi.

"I landed on my face in the snow! Not to mention I got squished by your fat arse!"

That just made them both laugh and Saida scowled at both of the bloody idiots. Though, really, if she were honest with herself, she wasn't annoyed because they'd played a trick on her.

No... she was annoyed because she hadn't thought of it herself.

"Shall we do it again?" She asked when her friends' mirth finally started to die down.

Squealing again in delight, Zuphi ran back towards the frozen lake, Kyrik and Saida right on her heels.
(Or... Kyrik Gets Left Out Because He Can't Walk On Ice)

My art seems to have dried up lately, so I thought I'd post this up to show that I haven't been completely idle.

So, this is about myself, :icondark-spine-dragon: and :iconrurikredwolf: (or our 'sonas if you wanna be specific, but it's the same thing). We have the weirdest conversations and this idea stemmed from one we had in a Skype call.
I tried to make the characters' interactions as close to what our own would actually be as I could. Only Rurik and DSD can say whether I got it right or not! :P

Someday, I'll have to draw a picture of some scenes from this. It makes for an awesome mental image!

Saida belongs to me :iconphoenix-flyer:. Image of her here: [link]
Zuphi belongs to :icondark-spine-dragon:. Image of her here: [link]
Kyrik belongs to :iconrurikredwolf:. Image of him here: [link]
MM-12 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I couldn't help but grin the whole time I was reading this. Sounds like the three of you definitely would have this kind of fun. :D And poor Saida, being squished and all. :XD: I so enjoyed reading this, I needed something to make me giggle before I take my finals in an hour. >.>
Phoenix-Flyer Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
'Ta muchly! I had great fun writing it. I can't remember what comment started it off now, but I was in a convo with the two of them and Amber said something that gave me this idea and I just had to get it down. I think I wrote it in half an hour or so, I was that into it. :P

Oh? Good luck!
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